A Gift for My Daughter

My daughter loves rainbow loom bands. She uses them to make lots of things for herself and for her friends. Since her birthday was coming up, I decided to get her a lot of the bands. I went to a a store that sells rainbow loom in Singapore, and got a big supply of the bands. The shop owner asked me if I wanted to get a special tool to be used with the bands. Apparently the tool could be used to make some bigger things with the bands. He showed me an entire dress that was made out of the bands. I agreed to purchase the tool and went home to hide the gift I got from my daughter.

Keeping the gift hidden was hard to do, because my daughter was snooping around the house to find any present that we may have bought. She’s a detective at heart, and would look for any clues that would give her presents away. She even stopped doing her loom work for a while just to look for the presents. Continue reading

Wedding Jewellery Uk

wedding jewelryThe bridal wear and the wedding jewellery for the couple is usually purchased together in UK. It is almost a traditional gesture. The jewellery you purchase for your marriage holds a lot of importance. It adds and displays the value that the institution of marriage and family holds for you.

There are different types of jewellery that you can purchase today. Yellow gold is traditionally popular, however, the entry of other precious metals like white gold, platinum, titanium, etc. has made things more interesting. You might get confused though, by the sheer variety that is on offer. In UK there are various large scale retailers that offer wedding jewellery and another wonderful alternative to this is online jewellery shopping. In UK there are possibly hundreds of online stores that sell wedding jewellery. Purchasing wedding jewellery in UK by using online methods is rather easy and a very pleasant experience.

You wedding jewellery purchase is a very significant part of your marriage day preparations and below are certain tips that you might find useful.

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Nine Nifty Fixes For Wedding-dress Emergencies

The last thing on your mind as a bride is your dress getting torn as you put it on that morning as your groom and guests wait. We cannot always expect everything to go as planned so you should always be prepared for the worst. On the day of your wedding there are some essential items that you should have. These include:
-Sewing needles that have already been threaded. Make sure the thread matches the color of your wedding gown.
-Some safety pins to keep the hem in place as you repair the dress.
-Dress tape to keep your wedding gown from slipping off when you are at the ceremony.
-Baby wipes for the brides dress.
-Hair spray and a hair dryer.
-An extra pair of opaque pantyhose in the color your wedding gown.
-A pair if scissors and a piece of paraffin wax.

Some of the accidents that can happen include:
When the zipper sticks
The paraffin wax can be applied on the zipper and this will make it slide without much effort. Do not worry about the wax because nobody will notice it is there. The paraffin was usually dissolves after some time because of your body heat. Make sure that you apply the wax on the inside of your wedding dress so that you do not mess it up.

Zipper sticking on the gown
Remove the gown and try to get the fabric out of the zipper gently without pulling or tugging on it. Move the zipper up and down until the fabric is free.

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Online To Get Plus Size Wedding Gown

Full figured wedding dresses are worn by, as the name suggests, brides that happen to be small fat. But, becoming fat by not a way suggests that they will face troubles concerning the availability of dresses. Wedding gowns are equally found within the markets nowadays. Big day is the most auspicious and valuable day for just about any bride does not matter slim or a tiny fat. A so, each and every bride desires to look at her most effective. Wedding dress does have a lot of importance in one’s wedding. Hence, lots of interest and decisions are demanded even though one applies to the selection of dress. These dresses are tiny diverse from ordinarily searching dresses. Bride ought to have a proper study for finding probably the most appropriate dress.

No doubt, bride has to face several troubles though looking for plus size wedding gowns. But gone are these days when not considerably range was discovered in plus size wedding dresses. Now bride can discovered huge stocks with most up-to-date trends on full figured dresses. Designers are attempting their most effective to design a superb outfit for such brides. Bride may also give their orders to designers for getting full figured dresses as outlined by their want. Getting this kind of dress has developed into quick with the involvement of technologies. Now bride can found numerous shops on the web that sell dresses based on your specifications. Besides this, there are plenty of sites that provide you with quite a few images for large size dresses. Bride can see the marriage dress there and can order accordingly.

Few years back, satin or chiffon burlap had been filled within the markets below the full figured wedding dresses. Brides were not in a position to acquire fashionable wedding dresses according to their will. Factors have certainly changed now. Right now, designers themselves give recommendations as to which kind of wedding dress will suit them. Dresses with fashionable sleeves or with smaller neck openings are frequently advised as with such dresses, bride does not appear as well fat. Besides this, now designers are focusing on the ideal options from the bride and elaborating them. Let’s have an example: if the bride is possessing gorgeous neck, she can put on deep neck gown.

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Wedding Bells In The Offing Tips On Choosing A Wedding Gown

Once the engagement has been officially announced, the first thing that a would-be brides mind turns to is probably her wedding gown. Surveys show that brides have spent as long as six months on the choice of the perfect gown, and that the process of zeroing in on a gown and the subsequent fitting can take as long a time as planning the wedding itself. And why shouldnt it be time-consuming? A wedding gown is a statement that a bride makes to the world about her self-image and how she wants the world to see her. It is natural to find women lingering over this choice. When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, there are plenty of choices available, and many factors to consider before short-listing potential gowns to be purchased. Here are some tips that can help you choose the wedding gown of your dreams:

Type of Wedding This is the first factor you should consider, even before you start looking up bridal gown designers or stores in your area. If your wedding is a destination wedding for example, you will need to choose a gown that is both appropriate for the venue and comfortable to wear. You may need to find out if there is a dress code at venues that are formal.
Identify Your Body Type This step is a really important one as it can help you find a gown that is most likely to suit you. Identify your body type first and then you can consult your friends in addition to looking through fashion magazines to find the various options available that can help you choose the silhouette of the gown.
Research Your Options You can look into magazines and online about the various options available in wedding gowns. Friends who have recently married are a good source of information about designers or seamstresses and pricing. You need to find out about the options available in terms of color, fabric, accessories and major designers. It is also a good idea to have a rough estimate of what such a gown could cost.
Keep Your Budget In Mind Wedding gowns and accessories can cost as much as 10% of the total cost of the wedding and your budget is something you should keep in mind when you are deciding on the gown. When looking at gowns, find out whether they come with accessories such as veils, gloves and shoes or not. Depending on your budget, you may have to make changes in your initial choices of fabric and styles.
Try Multiple Sources Of Gowns Bridal stores and designers are not the only places where you can get wedding gowns. You can also get wedding gowns at antique stores, bargain stores, charities and online stores. You can also find out if there is a wedding gown that has been passed down in your family or your fiancs family. Sometimes you may be able to find gowns that can also double as formal dresses in which case, they could be used after the wedding too.

All these considerations aside, if you want to splurge on a wedding gown that could last for generations with proper care, and can make you look drop-dead gorgeous on the big day, it is certainly going to be worth all the expense and fittings involved so go ahead and make the choice!

How To Pick Your Style Of Wedding Gown

There are plenty of things that are involved in planning a wedding from where it is going to be held to the color scheme to who is going to be invited and one of the most important things to the bride is the wedding gown that she is going to wear on the big day. There are a few tips that can help you to pick out a gown if you’re not sure of where to start when it comes to picking out your dress style.

First, pick up a few different bridal and wedding magazines and browse through them to look at the different gowns on the models. Keep your body type in mind when deciding what gown type you are going to wear. If an incredibly thin model is wearing a dress and you are full figured for example, it may not look the same way on you.

If you know anything about wedding designers or styles that you are fond of make a list of them so that you can visit their website or individual catalogue to get a grasp on the prices and styles that are available for you to purchase.

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The Best Concept for Wedding Venues

What a hassle when we get the task to prepare a draft of the wedding party. We know that it would drain a lot of power, especially with the time constraints. Not to mention with new issues such as budget, location, weather, and the number of seats in the venue. If you do not have the basic information, you cannot possibly get the best spot for the venue. The main problem is the capacity of the room. So, this should be a priority in determining the venue for the wedding. At least, you know the range of the number of guests who will attend the maximum number. After that, we can find a spot that is in accordance with the plan.
Another problem is the facilities that will support the venue. If you just rely on the capacity, it would be a bit useless. How you will ensure the comfort of the guests in large numbers? So, you have to do surveys and observations to understand the context of a spot, and how you can rely on their facilities. Of course, you could propose some additional services as a concept that you will specify. It is already very common in most of the organizers, so you can decide which is best.

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